Electronics Distribution

DGM4Parts is a one of the top suppliers of electronic components. It is also a cutting-edge online provider of component information needed by engineers and purchasers in the electronics industry. In addition, DGM4Parts is a world-class provider of excess inventory management services and enterprise solutions.

DGM4Parts is a primary source of electronic components offering competitive pricing on components in stock, as well as purchasing services for scheduled (just-in-time) deliveries, vendor consolidation, and bill of materials fulfillment. It also serves as a secondary supplier that can locate hard-to-find, obsolete, and shortage parts for customers by tapping over 5,000 suppliers around the world.

DGM4Parts’ Excess Inventory Management Services provides a full suite of inventory services, sales organization, and extensive online partnerships. Excess inventory handled by DGM4Parts gains exposure in multiple online marketplaces used by thousands of potential buyers